• Provide any number of tables needed for your on-site auction at no additional cost
  • Provide 1000 advertising flyers at no additional cost
  • Fumigate necessary items required by law at no additional cost
  • Will assist you in preparing your auction or will set up the auction for you
  • Will inventory, pack, and transport items to be sold at their AUCTION BUILDING
  • Prepare effective, ECONOMICAL advertising for newspapers, trade journals, brochures, and fliers.
  • Internet Advertising
  • Has a mailing list in which fliers are mailed out to auction goers at no additional cost
  • Provide efficient clerk & cashier service
  • Staff is knowledgeable about auction method
  • Provide courteous, prompt, reliable auction service with same day settlement
  • Available for any questions you may have about how to have an auction
  • Provides a tent for bad weather
  • After Auction Clean -up
  • Wants you to have the best auction possible


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